Prevent Spam

Sometimes people act in a self-destructive manner. However, they may not realize it and need to broaden their horizons. Many of the actions they take on the Internet are more or less unnecessary and consequently ruin any posting. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to prevent certain things from making your e-mail address a target for mass spamming. All you need to do is click with caution.
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Promotional Emails and Spam .
This category is the easiest to eliminate altogether. Every time you shop, every time you make an inquiry, there is a chance that a company will send advertising information or flyers to your email. All you have to do is pay attention, carefully read the web page you just loaded and its content, and click “yes/no”. Easy enough, right? But often we don\’t have time to read additional text because we want to buy the product right away. That is why it is so important to see and check this option, no matter if it is an e-shop or not. This solves the problem. This step needs to be done every time.

Do not enter your email into a questionable site

Have you ever clicked on an ad that says something like, “Want to win a new IPhone? If so, that site must be asking you to fill in your contact information, number and email to enter the drawing. But that is just a clever ploy to trick you into providing your information. Then your email and phone number are entered into the database and you start applying. Not only will you start getting tons of junk mail, but you will have to reject it with your cell phone.
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Avoid shady projects [22].
Programs that will make you a millionaire. Sites that advise you on what to do. Dating sites. Be careful where you enter your information here. Often the solution is simple, you just need to know the right keys and not worry that it might not work. You definitely need to get out of your comfort zone of indifference.