Internet-based Driving Schools

The safe way website has a lot of material to help you pass your test. However, knowledge is not everything. Knowledge is necessary to pass the written exam and to pass the practical exam, which is a major setback for many people. Therefore, the above website has created a driving simulation game in addition to the written material.

ilustrace autodromu

Express Courier is the official name of the game. Students can not only practice their knowledge of traffic laws in a practical way, but also have fun while learning. Many teenagers and school-aged children play games that simulate buses, cabs, and similar modes of transportation. Specifically, they include Bus Driver and City Car Driver, which are based on similar objectives to those of the Express Courier.

řidič v autě

For even more fun, you can try the 3D car circuit. There is no need to download this app, just one click opens a new window. Here, too, you can choose your car with realistic physics. You can experience how the car behaves on snowy roads, in wet and dry conditions. Conditions such as skidding, braking distances, and steep climbs are modeled. There is also the opportunity to encourage friends to race around the entire circuit.

The main reasons to try the Autodrome are the ABS, ASR and ESC systems. In particular, anti-lock brakes, or ABS. This ensures stability and control of the vehicle. It all has to do with physics. For example, when braking suddenly, the tires may lose their grip on the road surface. In this case, the wheels lock.