Recipe for Huge Happiness

Peace and comfort come straight from the north, to our homes. The word Hygge, like this lifestyle, originally comes from the Danish language. What does it actually stand for? Very roughly translated,peace, quiet, and coziness. But these are words that we need to incorporate into our lives to avoid stress. Basically, this is like a recipe for unparalleled happiness. And let\’s face it. Sometimes, we really just need to curl up in our favorite chair, snuggle under a blanket, light a candle or several, and have a good drink that doesn\’t have to be alcoholic. And if the interioris decorated in this style, it need not be so bad for the human spirit. But Hygge is less about design and more about the art of enjoying coolness.styl bydlení hygge
Comfort must be fundamental here, and whether it is an armchair or a sofa is irrelevant. In short, it must fit comfortably. It should be comfortable and relaxing. Naturally, the bedroom should have a large, comfortable bed. This is a Scandinavian approach to living, so decorative elements and bold colors have no place here. Rather, it is the lighting itself that is important.And since winters in this region are long and it gets dark early, it is not surprising that the emphasis is on lighting. Also not to be overlooked are the library and ample storage space.
moderní bydlení
Colors .
Warm colors are typicaland calming. White is the base color and is complemented by chocolate and beige. Textiles often use pastel colors and Norwegian-style patterns.moderní bydlení

Wood and fur or leather always play a major role here. All of these combine to create a cozy and calming impression.
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Definitely textile accessories, pillows, blankets, throws, and fur-like fur rugs. Drink trays, a variety of lighting, fireplaces and stoves
Since Hygge is all about coziness, the interior design is also in this style, and above all, the owners of the house or apartment and their fans feel very comfortable.