We all can travel

Today, travel is much easier than ever before. Today we often want to disappear to the other side of the world and we can leave that very day. The country\’s infrastructure is so well developed and conditions are generally so favorable that we can actually decide to travel at any time and do so without having to make complicated arrangements. We can use the Internet to find connections, buy tickets and airline tickets, use the Internet to arrange our accommodations, use the Internet to pay and leave.

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However, in the Czech Republic and in the home countries of the EU, you almost never have to pay attention to anything, but still, everything is not always so simple It\’s worth taking into account that, in the Czech Republic and in the EU, it\’s not always that simple. And the more exotic a place you choose, the more you need to think about everything carefully and not give in to sudden impulses. And what to find and how to find it. Because while travel is easier than it used to be, it is often more complicated.

It is important to be aware of visa issues for example. In most of developed Europe, an ID card is sufficient, but in some places a passport is not enough. In addition, not all countries that require visas will be able to obtain them quickly and easily. For example, it is certainly not easy to arrange a visa for Sierra Leone at the Sierra Leonean embassy in Moscow.

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Also, there are enough countries that require vaccinations and other preventive measures against a variety of diseases that we are not normally exposed to.

Some have entry and airport fees, some have unusual customs regulations, some have poor sanitary conditions, and many are dangerous from general crime to terrorism and war conflict. There are many dangerous places from general crime to terrorism and war conflicts.

Thus today we are able to travel easily, but we must not rest on our laurels. Do not stay at home at the end of the day or come back here in a zinc coffin.