Relationship Level

Such relationships usually have a level at which you can tell how serious the relationship is. How quickly you can reach that level varies from case to case. Sometimes, it\’s a bit like a computer game, because the relationship at each level usually becomes more difficult, and to proceed to the next level requires constant effort what level they are. 10 Are You Dating the First Level of Your relationship? Usually it starts with a date, a romantic message or a phone call. As a couple, you try to get to know each other better, and this is the most pleasant beginning, the most pleasant, because you have a long way to go, and you have a lot of secrets to reveal. At this stage, the relationship is not yet official, and it needs to be understood from both sides in order to move forward.

západ slunce

First Time

The second level is usually the first time of all. The first handshake, the first kiss, the first love. All these first hours are preceded by great expectations, and if they are worth it, you will certainly not forget them. If you care about both relationships, usually try to make it worth the first time.


You\’re just getting started, but your relationship has already become official. The people around you already know that you belong together. It can be a referral to friends and family, as well as a public event where you take your partner with you as an official escort, and often it is even such a little thing as confirming the relationship on your social network, along with romantic photos.

Common space

You already know each other a bit and you\’ve been a couple for a while. I\’m sure you\’ve slept with each other several times, but now you keep your partner\’s personal belongings or he keeps them with you. You create a space to spend time together. 

společné vaření

Spending time with each other is already natural for you. And you learn not only to spend time together, but also to spend time only next to each other. For example, one reads and the other cleans up or works. It may seem boring to each other, but it means that we already know a lot about each other, and without limiting the other self

another first time

At this stage of the relationship, another first time has already begun, but this is already dependent on the situation. It\’s a great place to start. It may be the first time you fart in front of each other without judgment, let others take care of you with illness and slowly start planning your first home together. Yes, the plan for the future is important already at this stage of the relationship. Do not resist them, otherwise your relationship will stagnate.

Routine Arguments

And here we start the first routine argument about one of you not washing dishes, being messy, spending too much time at work, and many of the other less interesting arguments that are incredibly important. By telling others what is bothering you, they have the opportunity to change their attitude. Here you can clarify whether you are heading in the same direction or it\’s time to break up.

Happy Ending

And so general adult life it was time for happyend. It decides whether you are going to spend the rest of your life on each other\’s side, whether you are going to marry or travel with children, or together