Can you imagine living in a maringo or mud house?

You may immediately wonder if such a life is possible. I wonder if you could watch TV there, how the women in that house would do their laundry, what would they do with their computers and cell phones, where would they put them to charge them when there might be no electricity supply? There are many ways to live in a house made of wood, or a house made of earth. Being able to live in a house made of hemp is not an invention!

hliněný dům

People who live this way tend to be more or less connected to nature, profess freedom, and do not wish to be bound by dogma. It is also a way to avoid taking out a multi-million dollar loan to build a house and paying the loan for the rest of their lives. It saves a lot of money. Living in a marquee, for example, would be many times cheaper, even taking marquee fees into account. But, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, you must be prepared to give up modern conveniences.
A well-known representative of alternative housing is Jaroslav Dushek, a popular actor known for films such as “Pelíšky,” who built his buildings out of clay with his own hands and the help of friends. He was inspired by the Superadobe system introduced by Iranian-born American architect Nader Khalili. This system was originally designed for people who had lost their roofs, had nowhere to live, and needed a quick place to live. The idea was to dig for materials in their own backyards and use whatever was available on their land. The process is very simple.

alternativní dům se střechou s trávníkem

Fill a potato sack with the dug soil, place chopped straw between them, and tamp this mixture and place it in a circular shape. The bags are tied together with barbed wire. The result is a circular domed structure that is said to be hurricane-proof, earthquake-proof, and soundproof. If you are not enthusiastic and convinced that this is the right home for you, you can do it all yourself, which would save a lot of work for the construction company. Furthermore, for the ecologically minded, the “earthen log house” is great in that it has minimal ecological impact.