Scandinavian style bedrooms, bathrooms and saunas

Bedroom inspiration

Classic Scandinavian style is always oriented towards low beds, only a few centimeters off the ground. The main emphasis is on comfort. Recently, the trend toward a slightly higher bed surface is gaining ground, with double mattresses. Bed linens are made of natural materials, cotton is available in a variety of finishes, and linens look good. All in bright, warm tones. White beds can be livened up with bold colors like red and green. Small colored cushions give a playful impression. Geometric patterns are also recommended. [The main material for bedroom furniture is, of course, wood. It is not always necessary to have a wardrobe in the bedroom. Open storage space is preferred in this style. Racks for hanging clothes, ladders, wicker baskets, racks, and shelves are practical. There is no room for accumulating useless or unnecessary items. The advantage of such a spare room is that it is easy to clean.

ložnice v podkroví

Sauna As is well known, the Nordic countries love saunas, so virtually every house has one. It is not a fancy room. In these countries, the purpose of the sauna is everything. Often there is a sauna in the basement or in the yard. Scandinavian house fans have yet to get that far here. However, saunas are an excellent way to expel toxic substances from the body and warm the organism. It strengthens the immune system and has a great effect on upper respiratory diseases. Alternating between warm and cold environments triggers beneficial biological processes in the body.
Today, saunas do not need to be constructed in a complicated way; ready-made models can be purchased and installed.

jednoduchá ložnice


Saunas can practically be installed near bathrooms. There is no need to give up the use of wood in the bathroom. Some woods are very well suited for such spaces. For example, teak wood could be tried. Cabinets and storage spaces are open, various baskets and storage boxes work in place of classic drawers, and fixtures are limited to the essentials. Large mirrors are not to be overlooked.
If there is a need for decoration, interesting houseplants in decorative pots or containers made of natural materials such as rattan, wicker, or reeds work well in both bathrooms and bedrooms.