The new dimension of gaming

Computer games began to emerge simultaneously with the development of technology. The very first such game was two-dimensional table tennis, “Pong”. It took the form of a black field, dividing the center by a vertical white line. And the ball in the shape of a white circle shifted depending on how it was repelled with the first ever joystick-controlled “bat”.
As technology developed, computer games also developed. The next stage was an arcade game, “Arcade”, which took the form of a slot machine, today you can play them in various gambling halls that only focus on this kind of game.
Muž s VR brýlemi
Among the most popular, at the end of the legendary Pac-Man, where you defended your home country by blowing up enemy spaceships and the popular fighting game Mortal Kombat,
20. In the fall of 1993, when there was a release of a game called Wolfenstein3D, then there was a full turn of the game world. This is because it is available as shareware. And a whole new beginning was born. Another cult issue was Shooter Doom, which was released that winter.1 This game has become almost legendary in the moment, appearing in it previously unknown elements, such as lighting and many other new graphic improvements.
stará arkáda Pac-Man
However, this is not the only reason this game went down in history. The main thing was the opportunity to conduct combat using the network. All this was further enhanced by the expansion and improvement of the WWW network of the so-called World Wide web. 
The world was fascinated by the third dimension of the new game, and the race to create a better game began. The new possibilities offered mainly by new graphic components led to the emergence of various game titles.
Today, the fourth dimension is being developed through VR technology that we control with body parts. It is not yet known where the limits of human ingenuity lie.