The Most Beautiful Cities in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has many interesting regions. If you are planning a vacation for next year and are currently on a budget, why not take an interesting and exciting domestic vacation? Although the Czech Republic is a small country, it is very rich in leisure activities. Whether you love nature, historical sights, or adventure, there are plenty of opportunities to make it happen.
And it doesn\’t have to be just a vacation or a trip. For example, it is definitely worth indulging in a long weekend.
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The Czech Republic is full of natural and historical sights. Let\’s take a look at some of the beautiful Czech cities that you should definitely visit.
1. Prague – The capital is the most visited place in the Czech Republic by tourists, and rightly so.
zámek v Krumlově
2. Cesky Krumlov – an old town that has become one of the most popular tourist destinations thanks to its unique historical atmosphere.
3. Kutná Hora – Like Cesky Krumlov, Kutná Hora is also steeped in the spirit of history. The Church of St. Barbara and the famous Kostnice are worth a visit.
4. Olomouc – One of the most beautiful cities in the Moravian region. The astronomical clock on the square is one of the city\’s highlights.
5. Zitin Zitin – Named after the famous robber Lumkais, the town has a unique fairy-tale atmosphere. The local castle also houses an interactive toy museum.
6. Rocket Rocket – There is a castle of the same name, which has a very long history indeed. Overall, however, the town has an extraordinary atmosphere.
květná zahrada kroměříž
7. Kroměříž – A relatively small town, but certainly beautiful. Particularly beautiful are the castle gardens, which are a favorite of newlyweds for photo shoots. It is also a favorite town of filmmakers.
8. Cheb – A town associated with Albrecht von Wallenstein, it has a quaint architecture not found in other Czech towns.
9. Poděbrady – A picturesque royal town with a castle and famous hot springs. Located in the picturesque Poravi region.
10. Trebic – If you like Jewish landmarks, picturesque Trebic is worth a visit.

Of course, there are dozens of beautiful towns in the Czech Republic, so this is only a small sampling.