The Online World and Children

The online world is sometimes a dark place and many people change and things happen that can hurt them.

Social media has many users and can sometimes be dangerous. For example, let\’s say you have a friend who gave their login information to someone else, and you got into an argument with that person, but did not change your login information. In other words, you are texting with your friend and you are just talking about someone or discussing something private, but the truth is that your friend is texting with the person with whom he had a fight. He has hacked into his account and is trying to use the situation to find something new to use against you. After a while, the friend reads the chat with you, finds out that you never wrote anything like that, and immediately contacts you. Then, for example, you might be laughed at in school, humiliated, or taken out on the person playing the friend role for talking to you.


Then there is another possibility. Young children could become victims of looters. Indeed, many children create social media accounts without their parents\’ knowledge. Then, strangers write to them, and the children feel as if they have made new friends. The stranger starts talking to the child like a real friend, but after a while the stranger manages to get naked pictures of the child. The looter will taunt the child, that is for sure. If the child doesn\’t want to send another picture, they will start threatening to send it to the parents or post the first picture somewhere. Kids are scared, so they will. If this happens, and it often does, it is a good idea for the child to tell the parents right away. Then the parents can go to the police and start looking for the culprit. This is a criminal act.


If you want to know more about this, I definitely recommend the documentary IN THE NET, which shows how this actually works. For me, it is the best documentary ever made.So it\’s a good idea to keep an eye on what your kids are doing on their cell phones, tablets, and computers. Often parents don\’t care and it can go badly. If so, start dealing with it before it\’s too late.