Storage space for garden equipment and other essentials

When planning the construction of a family home, think of enough storage space. Today, it is no longer automatically calculated in the construction of the basement, because it is already a huge financial expense. And when a young family decides to build a family home, there is no more finances left to take on. Because even the land will cost something, and this is simply what you need.
Today, the building is dominated by “only” houses. But after completion, many property owners begin to notice, for example, the absence of a garage. They count 1 garage, it is connected to the house, but now, as in general, households usually have 2 cars. One and the other car for the head of the family to transport to work is purchased also for the wife for a trip to work, but also for the subsequent distribution and collection of schools and interest groups.

sekačka na trávu

And the problem is in the world. This is the so-called “covered stand”. But the list of insufficient storage space is not just that. You probably won\’t put artificial grass on the ground, but you\’ll want to rest your eyes on the neatly cut chives. Then you buy a lawn mower, you buy a weeding machine, rake, shovel, spade, watering can, and hose, and so on we go.
To clean a car, buy a pressure washer commonly called vapka or vapka.

cyklo kolo v dětském pokoji

And suddenly you begin to notice that there is no place to store these things. And suddenly they are adding or buying a garden house.So they begin to store and, unfortunately, accumulate the necessary things that you did not think before starting to build a house. If the architect of the building did not warn you about it in advance, they simply did not care. But you may have waved to it anyway, “We\’ll put it somewhere!””
But you are young and sporty, buy a bike for the whole family and put four wheels somewhere, it\’s a lot of work. Do you like skiing? You need to store a roof box for the car. You probably won\’t ride it all spring and summer, but you\’ll keep it on skis – where?