Untested Cosmetics

Animal testing of cosmetics is a big topic, but is often silenced. Those who try to learn about it eventually come to the conclusion that it is not such a bad thing because the European Union has banned the testing. But it is no longer known that what is banned is the testing of entire products, not the individual ingredients that are cheerfully being tested. There are many certifications for cosmetics called cruelty-free, and Leaping bunny and Natrue are the most basic ones; Leaping bunny and Natrue are the most basic and guarantee that the entire brand has been obtained and not tested. There are many companies that are certified.
ovocné mýdla
– Alverde
Alverde is a Dm drugstore brand and a natural cosmetics brand. It is one of the most affordable cosmetics. It contains no dyes, petroleum derivatives, or silicone. In addition, everything must come from controlled agriculture. The Alverde brand covers all cosmetics, with the exception of detergents.

– Ecover
This company specializes in clean detergents that do not contain phosphates and do not pollute the environment. The products are naturally derived, do not irritate the skin, and have minimal toxicity. Prices are comparable to regular cleaning agents, but they are only available in health food stores and on the Internet.

– Manufacturer
Originally from the Czech Republic, these cosmetics use Czech ingredients, including rare ones such as beer, wine, and water from a boiling spring. Most cosmetics do not contain palm oil and, of course, no phosphates.

– Yves Roscher
The brand is controversial and used to have a certificate, but lost it for export to China, which requires animal testing. However, it is up to you to support this brand as it has not been tested for the Czech market.
měsíčkový olej
– Other brands include The Body Shop, Urtekram, 100% Pure, Saros, Nyx, and Weleda. However, these are more expensive cosmetics.
On the biooo.cz website, which also has a physical store in Brno, you can find a collection of unverified cosmetics. Some brands are also sold in stores.