What children should be warned before connecting to the Internet for the first time

There is no doubt that the Internet is not a safe place. At the same time, it is true that we can no longer do without it. Therefore, it would be desirable to say that we should at least protect our children from it, but especially if they are already at school age, even in elementary school, teachers often ask children to search for information on tasks here or monitor grades here. Therefore, it is clear that it is impossible to fully protect it. Therefore, it is better to at least warn them about the dangers that await them. But what to warn them?

First of all, it is the fact that the lessons about not talking to strangers apply here, especially in social networks. There are people without good intentions in the comments. Children should not be in contact with anyone. We refer to the disclosure of personal information, not just directly or in comments to a specific person.

internet nemusí být zcela bezpečný

It is also worth mentioning fraudulent emails. Our child may also need his own email address for his work. And they will come to him, like any other kind of fraudulent message. So if something seems too good, it\’s good to warn him against them, saying it\’s probably not true.

Then there is also a file download. Whether it\’s for school or simply he wants to do it himself, he wants to download something, or he needs to, however, download is the easiest way a virus can break into your computer, so here you need to use only reliable sources.

děti jsou zvláště zranitelné

Of course, we also monitor their Internet activity, especially for young children. At this age, they can not know what is safe and what is not safe. Therefore, we must protect them in this regard. And who knows, maybe joint activity can turn into a pleasant pastime.