What Writing Can Tell Us

Even as times continue to modernize, we cannot avoid common written expressions. In the early years of elementary school, we all learned to write together, following the teacher\’s instructions, but over time, we have come to write in our own image, which is as specific as our fingerprints. Handwriting is the study of handwriting, and much can be read from it. Interested? Let\’s get started.
Pořizování poznámek
To determine for yourself whether this information is true and whether it applies to you, bring a piece of paper with a note on it in front of you, for example. The first thing you will probably notice is the size of your handwriting. If your handwriting is large, it is a good indication that you are indeed a confident, optimistic, sociable, entrepreneurial person who is rarely bored. On the other hand, if the letters are too large, it indicates that you like to listen to yourself and sometimes lean toward the idea that you are better than those around you. On the other hand, if the letters are small, it may indicate a shy but detail-oriented personality, and these people often become leaders in important professions. Examples include scientists, doctors, lawyers, etc.
Another factor is inclination. We have been led to believe that writing should be right-facing, but this is not always the case. If you lean right, you are an emotional person who enjoys good company. However, if your right-leaning letters lie almost on a line, you are what graphology calls an overzealous person who is overly driven by emotion. If you are left-leaning, beware. This is because such people are often those who have been disappointed in the past and have learned to suppress their emotions. Therefore, they often do not show their true colors and hide behind a mask of pretense.
Ukázka písma
The width of the font also reveals their personality. People who enjoy life and like to constantly learn new things are characterized by a wide font width. However, they also tend to be sloppy. They are communicative, open and frank, and make new friends easily. On the other hand, people whose characters are too tight in this writing style point to a closed inner life characterized by low self-esteem, distrust, poor communication skills, and a pessimistic attitude. On the contrary, they are consistent, realistic and responsible.
The last thing I will discuss today is word spacing. If the spacing is small, you are a quick and fast person, wasting no time. This is because this behavior leads to haste. People who use large spaces are often loners and think carefully about each action they take. So what? Do these qualities that can be read from graphology match your actual characteristics?