When building a new home, what awaits (or not)?

As a general rule, young people must borrow in anticipation of mortgage payments until retirement. It is also a bit of a gamble, as they need the assurance of a steady job to keep up with the monthly payments, which are not cheap. However, all of this can be secured by insuring the loan or mortgage and by offering favorable terms during negotiations. You also need to think about how you will pay the mortgage if you become ill or have an accident, and there is no one left to earn the money. It is important to think everything through properly and consult not only family and friends, but especially mortgage advisors and loan bank experts. You might say that we are young and strong, so there is no need to think about all this and bring in our worries and negative aspects. That is not negative thinking, it is vigilance.

rozestavěný rodinný domek

Above all, you are the guarantor of the building, and once you become insolvent, your work and efforts may be for nothing. So, get proper advice before you start construction, secure all the important and appropriate conditions, and start building your dream home with determination. Good luck!
As partners, how you “deal” with this new reality is also important. As a general rule, young people need to settle down, forget about their years at the beach and immerse themselves in home building. In other words, they are the ones who have to count on all the crown jewels. Believe me, the construction of a new home is a proper test of your resilience and faith in whether you really want to continue spending years of your life together. Lack of money causes fights, and even romantic partners don\’t take offense when they argue. Nerves get the better of them.

žena a muž po hádce

But maybe you are the lucky ones and your concerns or lack thereof will strengthen your relationship and keep you appreciating each other. Furthermore, you can both take credit for the beautiful growth of your new home as a joint effort between the two of you.