How you start your day

One of the most important factors affecting the quality of the day is sleep itself. The importance of sleep should never be underestimated. How different is the morning after a sleepless night from the morning after a full seven hours of sleep? Wonderful. So let\’s focus on sleep and experiment with optimizing it.
Take a nap. Working undisturbed, even if only for an hour, can make a huge difference. By finishing work early, you will be motivated to make the most of the rest of your day. It is not advisable to apply this point if you know you will be sleep deprived.
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Another important step ischoosing the right breakfast. For example, Elon Musk usually skips breakfast. As with sleep, we recommend experimenting with (or skipping) breakfast food choices. However, starting the day with a carbohydrate breakfast is generally not recommended (yes, this includes the popular oatmeal and cereal). From my own experience, I recommend drinking yerba mate in the morning.
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Not a few successful entrepreneurs include meditation in their morning routine. The reason is clear. Meditation can lower stress levels, stabilize emotions, and prevent common health problems. However, it does not have to be classical lotus sitting. The form of “meditation” you choose is purely up to your preference. Whether it is a short run, a moment of reading, or an ice shower, choose what works for you.
Before you start doing paperwork, reading email, or listening to the news, try making something
. Write a blog post, record a video, or finish the next page of a book. Creative activity stimulates the brain better and prepares it for other work. Morning habits
can wreak havoc or start your day. Hopefully this article will help you take the right steps. [23] Live your life to the fullest by creating a quality morning ritual.