Prepare vitamin bombs for yourself and your children

A natural vitamin bomb against viruses and colds is the smoothie you prepare for your children in the morning before going for a hike. In the evening, combine the following superfoods in a blender with a small amount of water The chia seeds combine with the water to form a loose gel that naturally thickens the smoothie. Chia seeds are high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, have five times more essential calcium than milk, and are rich in vitamin B, which improves mental focus.

smoothie z manga, jablek a pomerančů

Flaxseeds (golden or brown) are a natural modifier of the intestinal flora, preventing constipation, normalizing blood sugar levels, a source of omega-3 acids, an excellent source of lignans, and among other useful properties, are the most effective treatment for parasites and therefore our digestive system It is a treasure for the If one must follow a gluten-free diet, then gluten-free is the right choice.
And in the morning, just throw whatever you have at home into the bloated mixture. A mixture of beets, apples, and carrots is a surefire treat. You can also reach for kiwis. They are small but full of vitamins, and you can never have too many in the winter. On cold days, add some grated ginger juice. Smoothies are not only nutritious, but they also warm you up.

zeleninové smoothie

Tip. Best done with a small tablespoon. Use the end of a spoon to peel. You\’ll be surprised how easy it is. Can\’t believe it? Try it!
Smoothies also need to be a mix that kids will like, although they say fruits should not be mixed with vegetables. You can try mixing only vegetable mixes. This usually requires cucumbers, since cucumbers have a lot of water in them. Add celery, carrots, fresh spinach, a teaspoon of spirulina or dried barley, and mix everything with almond milk.