Myths about the female gender

We have definitely been called something by men. But are they always right, or are they just myths we talk about with other men in the pub?

That we are not good drinkers and hate beer.

It\’s a lie. Not all of us like beer and alcohol as much as men do, but there are many women who love beer. So I think this is definitely a myth.
krásné děvče na schodech

We cannot imagine a life without procreation.

. Not all women have maternal instincts, or maybe they have shunned children since childhood and have no desire to have a family. In any case, yes, some women are the exact opposite of women who look forward to starting a family and raising children from a young age.

That all they have to do is cook and clean.

Lies. It is true that society dictates that we must be busy from morning to night, making lunches, cooking dinners, cleaning, and so on. Yet, for some reason, there is a recent trend for men to go on parental leave, and thus men are doing all of these tasks.

All they do is shop.

Partially correct. Buying something for oneself is certainly fun, and there are women who are shopaholics and do nothing but shop, but of course there are women who do not enjoy shopping and prefer to let their husbands go shopping for baked goods.
cheerful women

It means you can do two things at once.

true. Not to mention doing five things at once. For example, some men don\’t work that much in a week because housewives have to do so many things at once. Yeah, well, it\’s hard for us and we don\’t get to choose. But we\’re already assigned, so we have to do everything we can and manage more than that.

I can say that we have finished saying something about the most common myths, and we are ready for others that will arise in our lifetime. Whether they are created by humans or by other creatures.