Science and Me

I always liked reading lots of books and scientific papers. I told myself that after elementary school I would go to high school. Because from high school I would be able to do more things. I enjoyed being able to do what I wanted. I didn\’t like having to be subservient to someone all the time. You might think I\’m kind of unreliable and selfish, too. But it\’s not my fault. I think I was born that way. That\’s why I was planning to go to a science school after high school. I\’ve always been interested in science. I didn\’t like those unverified stories at all. I really liked facts and things like that, so science was the obvious choice for me. For example, I was very interested in history. So the history of science must have been perfect for me. And I did.

Věda je velmi zajímavá.

History and science go together for me. And I enjoy it and I am sure my children will inherit it. I also thought it was a shame that there was no science club. Besides, imagine if there was no science. How would people educate and learn? I think science has a lot to offer. Because learning more about science is certainly worthwhile.

Věda je fascinující.

Do you like science? And do you read scientific papers? I think everyone has a little bit of interest in something. If you are very interested in something, science would be an obvious choice for you. You will like science as much as I do. You should also know that it is because of science and scientists that we are alive today and that we have medicines on the market. Without the science of scientists, I don\’t think we would be able to do anything. Or do you think we wouldn\’t? Believe it or not, science is always evolving and changing, so if you are interested in science, believe me it is a lifelong discipline. There is no end to science.