When you want to be scared and play

Until Dawn

This game looks like a classic horror movie. A group of young people divided into “typical Americans” (nerds, hotties…) ) spend the night in an isolated cabin. During the game, you play as all the characters. The story is eerie and graphically beautiful. The characters were created with the help of real actors. So, for example, you will clearly see that Rami Malek is one of the characters. The great thing is that you make your own decisions in the game, and those decisions affect which of the characters survive! This is one of the best horror games out there!
děsivý výtah

Evil Within 2

The second installment of this Japanese horror masterpiece. The monsters you will encounter here will definitely terrify you. Their appearance is truly frightening. Another horror game that is scary and very well done in terms of graphics. In terms of gameplay, the game is a bit challenging. There are a lot of shootouts and you will probably run out of bullets after one or two shots. For beginners of the game, it may seem a little difficult, but give it a try!


Stalker is a game series; there are four episodes, all set in Chernobyl. The series is built primarily on an excellent, eerie atmosphere. You meet various mutated enemies. It is a very popular and frightening series and you will never get tired of it. But scary? It will definitely be scary!
tvář v temném lese


The plot of this RPG takes place after WWI. The story begins with the protagonist waking up and not knowing what is going on. As the name of the game suggests, he has become a vampire. And you play as him. You decide whether to be a good vampire or an evil vampire. The game has a great atmosphere, polished story and graphics. A perfect option for vampire lovers!


An old but iconic game. Thanks to the fact that it is an old piece, you can literally get it for pennies on the dollar. The game is very brutal and has many gory scenes. The setting is a sanatorium for the mentally ill. This environment itself is horrific and absolutely stands out in this game. The game has a fairly realistic feel to it and will terrify you more.